2018 News

Opening of new laboratories at Yarmouk University (YU) and Al-Balqa Applied University (BAU)

November, 2018.

Procurement of IT equipment and geodetic instruments to three Jordanian universities have been completed. Three new laboratories opened in November 2018. The lab opening ceremony was on November 14 at Yarmouk University and on Novemebr 15 at Al-Balqa Applied University. These equipment include up to date technologies in surveying, laser scanning, GNSS, GPS, and powerful workstation.  


Monitoring visit by National Erasmus Office (NEO) in Jordan

November 7, 2018.

Professor Ahmad Abu Alhaija, Director of the National Erasmus Office (NEO) in Jordan, made a visit to Yarmouk University to monitor the GEO4D project implementation. This is a rutine visit designed by the Executive Agency (EACEA). 

During the visit, Jordanian GEO4D team members reported the project activities and achieved results to the NEO director and answered questions from him. On the whole, the NEO has got a positive picture on the GEO4D project implementation. The GEO4D consortium is looking forward to the written feedbacks from this monitoring visit.  


Internal dissemination seminar at Yarmouk University (YU)

November 4, 2018.

The GEO4D team at Yarmouk University (YU) has organized an internal dissemination seminar with university officials and staff members. Participants include Vice President of YU, Dean of Arts college, Dean of Science college, director of the international projects unit, and many of faculty members. 

During the seminar  a full report on the achieved activities of GEO4D project was presented and discussed. Also, next year activities and workshops were highlighted. All concerns regarding new Master’s program and tendering process were clarified and fully understood by attendees.


October, 2018.

The 1st PMB meeting was convened in October 15-19, 2018, at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. All PMB members (i.e. local coordinators of GEO4D project partners) attended the meeting. 

The meeting has reviewed all ongoing and completed project activities. Some highlights of the project achievements made so far are:

  • Completion of questionnaire survey among geodesy students and stakeholders with a written survey report

  • Three new master curricula have been developed and are in the process of accreditation by university administrations, Ministry of Higher Education and the national accreditation agency

  • IT and geodetic equipment have been completed, with three new laboratories to be opened in November 2018

  • Two staff training courses have been organized by Polytechnic University of Milan and University of Leon (Spain) on GIS and remote sensing, respectively


Grant holders meeting in Brussels

January 2018.

The grant holders meeting is organized by EACEA on January 29-30, 2018, for all CBHE projects selected in the 2017 call for proposals. From the GEO4D project, Huaan Fan (project coordinator) and Nawras Shatnawi (representative for Jordanian partners) have attended the meeting.

Project kick-off meeting at Yarmouk University

November 2017

The kick-off meeting of the GEO4D project took place on November 20-23, 2017 at Yarmouk University. All 9 project partners have sent representatives to the kick-off meeting.

The meeting started with the project opening ceremony, which was attended by Professor Ziad Alsaad, Vice-President of Yarmouk University; Prefessor Sa'ad Abo Qdais, Vice-rector of Al-Balqa Applied University; Professor Ghaith Rabab'a, National Erasmus+ Officer in Jordan, all GEO4D partner representatives and some industry represntatives (Leica, ESRI).